On Sept. 29, 2020 Jitai Electronics Co.,Ltd held a Mid-Autumn Coversazione for college student in 2020 that is one of good tradiitions in my company and provide an opportunity to grow themselves who just join the company. Meanwhile it is also a platform for everyone to behave himself ( herself ). A total of 40 new college students from various departments participated in the Mid-Autumn Conversazione.


The content of this meeting is intent to opinions from Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba “emotion quotient, intelligence quotient, happiness quotient” and “emotion decides fate” “situation decides destiny” . College students in our company make comment based on their understanding.
Attendees in the conversazione took it seriously and made full preparation especially some young college students and commented his ( her) own opinion bravely. All comments had been evaluated by company simply that are as one of basis for job allocation, salary promotion, advanced selection and excellence creation.


Close to the end of the conversazione, Jun Ma, the chairman of our company made a conclusion that the situtation of outside markets in2020 was under good, order quantity was adequate, but our company burdened arduous tasks and faced much difficulties and challenges so I wished all older staffs and new college students continued playing your talents and applying knowledge and experience with full enthusatism of work and still furthered own practical working style to take on the thorny issues and stick to your goal and don’t let go to accelerate realizing production goal of our company in 2020 by efforts and struggles. At the same time I wished all of you happy holiday and happy family. At last He hope everyone can get progress and development in the company.
Through this conversazione, not only for young college students to explore each other, enhance each other’s feelings of the platform, but also enhance their confidence and determination to take root in the company.

Post time: Oct-12-2020
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