June 10th, 2021 – Tsinghua University Professor Jia Songliang, senior editor of “Electronics and Packaging” and an authoritative expert in the field of semiconductor packaging gave a lecture to staff at Yixing Jitai Electronics Co., Ltd.. The lecture focused on the application of ceramic insulators in TO-type metal packages. The company’s entire roster of technical and R&D personnel participated in the event. Professor Jia’s wealth of knowledge about cutting edge materials such as ceramic insulators helped staff understand the technical differences in terms of the variety of ways this material is being utilized at home and abroad. Moreoever, Jia conducted an in-depth analysis of the problems often associated with the practical applications of ceramics in metal packages. Through his technical guidance, a challenging bottleneck experienced during a recent research and development project was solved, while the future direction of products such as our TO-254/TO-257 was also laid out in greater detail. With efforts such as these, Jitai will continue to make headway on products such as the TO line as it strives to match the production level of our most advanced competitors.

Post time: Jul-09-2021
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