On Mar.1, 2020 Jitai Electronics Co.,Ltd held work safety meeting by production dept. to make a plan for this year arrangement in work safety.


Arrangement of work safety in 2020

From Mar.1, 2020 to Dec.31, 2020 there are three stages:
First stage: Mar.1 to Mar.31, all of staffs from all departments underwent learning of conveying for “working project of special amendment for work safety” postivly moblizing and improving the conscience of potential risks indentification and buliding good atomosphere of special amendment. All departments furthered minimizing and implementing the contents in the project of special amendment, throughly sized up the capacity of equipment and facility in own department and usage status ensuring potential risks indentification without blind side, dead zone and donot go through the motions.
Second stage: Apr.1 to Sept.30, all responsibe departments focused key personnel, key points and key links and carried out full coverage full web monitoring conducts. Basing on previous dual pre-protection works all departments throughly sized up dangerous base number and safety status in all the departments and compacted the responsibility of all levels and took serious measures to full amendments and ensured all potential risks bottomed up and measurements bottomed up and regulated throughly.
Thrid stage: Oct.1 to Dec.31, all departments should base on all the responsible departments and special amendments to further improving and consolidating effects of special amendment.


Working requirments

1. Intensifing management, clarifing responsibility, sizing up amendment. General manager,manager, workship director, group leader and all the staffs should higly pay attention to this arrangment of potential risks indentification in work safety. Take seriously of responsibilities, compact arrangment strictly and mobilize all the staffs conduct potential risks indentification and report the found issues and accidents in work safety level by level and immediately amend and make a registration and follow-up for others not be amended in time.
2. Intensify education training and field management. During the period of self check and correction for potential risks, it shall implement intensifying technical safe training for all staffs and seriously implement system of pre-job training. It shall establish a thick safety work environment by training, lecturing, field guid and so on forms as well as safety indentification signals, safety caution light, safety knowledge propaganda.
3. Intensify emergency management, organize emergency rehearsal. To improve all the staffs in the factory dealing with emergencies and resucing themselves and each other and to intent to dangerous areas in the company and dangerous procedures seriously research and amend and revise pre-arranged planning of emergency amendent and field dealing measurments meanwhile organize rehearsal of pre-arranged planning regularly.

Examination method

Our company will seriously impelement “examinzation methods of rewards and punishment in work safety” and relative systems. It shall be rewarded for achiving annual job goals. It shall be seriously dealt or punish to the department or personnel who cause the accident due to potential risks indentification not in time. It shall be seriously educational warn to those violate the discipline in time and it shall be stictly punished to those several commit repeatedly.


Post time: Oct-12-2020
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